Conference Schedule

The schedule below details the offerings for the 2016 conference. The 2017 schedule will be available in early summer! 


2016 Breathe Christian Writers Conference

(Details subject to change)

Friday, Oct. 7

11:30—Doors open

11:30-12:30—Registration (Lobby)

12:30 pm—Opening, announcements (Auditorium)

1-2 pm—Breakout Session 1

  1. Settings to Make your Novel Unforgettable—Erin Bartels
  2. How to Be a Great Speaker—Even if You’re Scared to Death—Quentin Schultze (Two-Hour Intensive)
  3. Balancing Writing, Your Day Job, and Life—Brenda Yoder
  4. The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post—Susie Finkbeiner
  5. Writing Your True Story without Offending Absolutely Everyone—Lorilee Craker
  6. Submit with Confidence: Remove the Worry and Pain When Pitching to Magazines and Websites—Peter DeHaan

2:15-3:15 pm—Breakout Session 2

  1. Panoramic to Close-ups: Use the Camera’s Eye to Fully Realize Your Fiction & Nonfiction—Cynthia Beach
  2. Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs of Publishing: Your Options and Opportunities—Tim Beals
  3. How to Be a Great Speaker—Even if You’re Scared to Death—Quentin Schultze (Two-Hour Intensive)
  4. Your Hero’s Journey: Applying the Classic Structure to Your Novel—Bob Evenhouse
  5. Creativity and the Individual Voice—Elizabeth Ivy Hawkins
  6. Orthodoxy: Restriction or Release?—Adam Navis

3:15-3:45 pm—Coffee/Snack Break

3:45-4:30 pm—Plenary Session (Auditorium)

Just Let Me Write!—Alexis DeWeese


4:45-5:45 pm—Breakout Session 3

  1. The Business of Writing: Understanding Literary Agreements, Book Contracts, Magazine Rights, Copyright and More—Tim Beals
  2. Writing Effective Dialogue I—Hugh Cook
  3. Praying with (and for) Your Characters—Sharon Garlough Brown
  4. Understanding Editing: What You Need, Who to Hire, Where to Look—Karin Beery
  5. Making it Memorable: Creative Nonfiction that Changes Us—Jill Richardson
  6. Ten Creative Commandments—James N. Watkins

6-7:30 pm—Dinner (Area restaurant or Cornerstone University if paid for)

7:30-8:45 pm—Evening Session with James Scott Bell (Auditorium)

Alison Hodgson—Monologue

James Scott Bell—Write Like You’re in Love

8:45 pm—Dessert Reception sponsored by Credo Communications, book signing with James Scott Bell

Saturday, Oct. 8

9-9:30 am—Morning Words with Brenda Yoder—Chapel

9:30-9:45 am—Coffee/Snack Break

9:45-10:45—Breakout Session 4

  1. Writing Effective Dialogue II—Hugh Cook
  2. Picture Books that Burrow into a Child’s Heart I—Gary Bower (Two-hour Intensive)
  3. Your Social Media Needs Graphics: How to Find and Design the Perfect Image for Every Post—Jessie Clemence
  4. Tracing God’s Thumbprint: The Poetry of Luci Shaw (Author Spotlight Series)—Amy Nemecek
  5. How NOT to Get a Literary Agent—Linda Glaz
  6. Filling the Gap: The Input You Need from the Person You Need—Ann Kroeker

11 am-Noon—Breakout Session 5

  1. Poetry Workshop: Writing, Critiquing and Learning—Matthew Landrum
  2. Adding Value to Your Writing and Platform with Video—Amelia Rhodes
  3. Picture Books that Burrow into a Child’s Heart II—Gary Bower (Two-hour Intensive
  4. From Idea to Salable Article I—Ann Byle (Two-hour Intensive)
  5. The Triquetra: Character, Plot, and Voice—Tracy Groot
  6. Nourishing Your Writing Dreams—Lynn Austin

Noon-1:45 pm—Lunch (Area restaurant or box lunch at GRTS if paid for)

Lunch Forums

  1. Self-Promotion: Greedy or Godly?—Shannon Popkin
  2. Writing for Today’s Parents—Jill Richardson
  3. When You Want to Quit Writing—Susie Finkbeiner
  4. On Creating a Good Work—Tracy Groot


1:45-2:45 pm—Plenary Session: The True Definition of Success—Lynn Austin (Auditorium)

3:00-4:00 pm—Breakout Session 6

  1. Leaning Literary: Writing for and Submitting to Literary Journals—Matthew Landrum
  2. From Idea to Salable Article II—Ann Byle (Two-hour Intensive)
  3. Seeking God’s Direction for Your Writing: A Time of Prayer and Journaling—Jessie Clemence
  4. Write Like a Viking: Fiction Writing Tips from the Norse Gods—Josh Mosey
  5. Writing Bravely: Setting and Reaching Your Goals—Jill Richardson
  6. Writing with Banana Peels—James N. Watkins

4:00-4:30 pm—Coffee/Snack Break

4:30-5:45 pm—Final Session with James Scott Bell: Edit Like You’re in Charge (Auditorium)

Closing Announcements, Benediction

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