What to Bring & Wear


Our conference is content rich, full of note-taking opportunities. We encourage our attendees to bring devices that will aid them best in keeping a journal of what they learn at Breathe. Whether that be a laptop or tablet, even a good old pad of paper and pencil, we love for our attendees to take notes home, to be processed later.

This year, we are offering specific meal and snack breaks. As we are not offering food and coffee between each session, we invite you to bring something to nibble if you should need to eat more regularly.

Baker Book House will maintain a bookstore on site. If you’re interested in adding to your library, you might consider bringing your book money. They will also take credit and debit cards.

What to Wear. We encourage our attendees to dress comfortably. However, if you choose to “dress to impress” we certainly won’t balk. As our conference is held at the height of the fall season, we recommend warmer clothes and, perhaps, a light jacket.