A Symphony of Calling by Kandi Schultz

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“So what do you want to do when you graduate?”

It was an all-too-familiar question at that time, my senior year of high school. But this time, the question was being asked by a pivotal mentor in my life.

In response, I shared my heart. “I’m not sure. Maybe theater, or maybe working with children…or maybe writing. I’ve been writing since I was little.”

“That’s it,” the mentor said. “You said you’ve been writing since you were small. That’s often a way God shows us what He wants us to do. I think that’s what you should pursue.” That stuck with me coming from such an important mentor. Within a week, God led me to the right college and (for me) an unexpected major: English.

But it wouldn’t be fair to say that this was my singular moment of calling to writing. It was more like a confirmation of a symphony of calling. I heard it in the “tuning” years of my baby and toddlerhood: videos of me babbling with joy, telling the story of my day and then jabbering a story from the pictures in a book. The warm-up began in elementary school, as I begged to write vocabulary-word STORIES instead of boring sentences.

And, as I grew, I heard the percussion section of affirmations from people and personality tests: “You should write.” “This is encouraging.” “You have the spiritual gifts of teaching and prophecy.” And I heard it in the soaring wind section of my fingers flying across the keyboard when I wrote about the work God was doing in my life, in the lives of my characters, and in redemptive history at large.

And, most loudly, I heard the calling when well-timed words and solutions filled me, resounding like a French horn and stirring my heart and the heart of my listeners. I started hearing the gospel, like a song, everywhere I turned. And I had to tell people. I heard its song of freedom, and it was as if a Conductor was directing my words to declare that song—like a variation on a theme. All kept in perfect time to the needs of those around me, matching the notes of God’s truth.

And the Composer’s song was salvation, hope, and freedom from everything that was wrong. It was relationship with a Holy, Good God, blazing through the hurt and sin, cutting it up and offering liberty even in the waiting for Jesus’ return. My calling came from the One who was Composer and Conductor. The harmonized song of the gospel, the encouragement to preach it, and the results of speaking it were too perfectly timed to be anything else.

Kandi loves writing words that encourage and inspire others in their walk with Christ. She currently works as editorial assistant for the KEYS FOR KIDS devotional, a quarterly devotional for children. When she’s not writing devotional content for kids, she writes at her personal blog, The Oddish Chronicles, and she posts encouragement and tidbits 6 days a week on Instagram (@idnakz).


  1. A beautiful rhythm of words.

    Cathy Rueter

    January 5, 2018

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