Call for Submissions: What Keeps You Going?

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We all experience great days in our writing lives. The days when the words flow and we are actually quite impressed with ourselves. Those are the days we gladly sit in the coffee shop and tell passersby, “Yes, I’m writing _____________”. (fill in the blank)

Then there are the other days. You know the ones. Where, regardless of how hard we push, we can’t manage to write anything we like. We struggle and pout and seek out a brick well to bash our heads against.

Those are the days when giving up seems super appealing. When the couch and TV remote would be better company than that blinking cursor on your computer screen.

But you don’t give up. You keep going.


What fuels you? What spurs you on? Or is the better question who?

This is what we want to know.

Please be careful to follow our guidelines (Note: those who don’t will be asked for edits/revisions/the necessary information).

  1. Please only submit to this call if you have attended Breathe (any year in our history).
  2. Posts should be between 250-500 words. Too long or too short will be sent back for editing.
  3. Remember to keep posts focused on one idea. Posts with too many points will be sent back for revisions.
  4. Share your post using our online form (where you’ll fill in your bio information, cut and paste the body of your post, and attach your headshot). Access that by clicking HERE.
  5. Deadline: February 23, 2018 (no submissions will be accepted after that date).

Please note: The blog administrator reserves the right to ask for revisions, rewrites, and to say a kind “no thank you” to any submissions.

We look forward to reading what you have to share!

    1 Comment

  1. How appropriate to see this this evening. At a gathering and for small talk someone asks “how’s your book coming?”. In public, for all the rest to hear! He’s spoken God word over me and been telling me for a long time i need to write a book. After a non-writing past few months I guess I need to get busy.
    Thank you for this post. So appropriate.

    Carol Graft

    February 9, 2018

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