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Seven chapters as of this writing; eight if you count the handwritten one gone missing. Three years and more than 12,000 words. Great progress!

I’m joking. It was abysmal momentum until recently when I discovered a secret weapon.

The timeline went something like this:

Year one – Fiddled with an idea. Came up with all kinds of busy to keep from actually writing.

Year two – One chapter typed, one handwritten (temporarily misplaced). And still all kinds of busy.

Year three – Eureka! I discovered my secret weapon – accountability! I joined the online NovelTracks accountability group through American Christian Fiction Writers. Thanks to their support and handholding, plus my own competitiveness kicking in, I’ve written six chapters and 10,000 plus words in one month’s time.

For four weeks I’ve been prayed for, over, and through. I’ve been encouraged and befriended. And I’ve written. Through a part-time job. Through a long-term, almost done commitment. Through laundry, dishes, doubt and discouragement. Through a week to rival Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And through the busy.

My writing must have? My online accountability peeps encouraging and praying me through and forward. Don’t tell them, but they’re stuck with me!

CathyCathy Rueter took time away from an active freelance writing and editing career to work as a reporter and newsletter editor. She’s returning to her passion of writing and pursuing a career as a Christian author.

Originally from the Greater Grand Rapids, MI area, she is embracing her adopted state of (DFW) Texas where she resides with her husband, two sons and her writing partner, Indigo, a Betta fish who is more interested in his yellow box of food than in any real literary discussions.

You can find a variety of topics discussed on her website/blog ‘Up in the Attic with Cathy Rueter’ or stop by for a visit at

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