How Connection Keeps Me Writing by Beth Sowles

on Jul 7, 2017 in Blog | 2 comments

Ah those connections, it’s amazing to me the variety of places – and people – that connections pop up.

I will whole-heartedly admit that I depend on them. My soul searches for those connections. I have been blessed with people in my life and their encouragement in my writing.

My therapist is probably my biggest cheerleader ever. She is the person who first told me to write. She had read many things I had written in the past. My view on my writing project is a bit different from most folks. And I was really unsure whether it was a realistic way to present things. Not only do we share a therapeutic connection, but also a connection of hearts. She gets me – really, truly gets me and where I am in my writing.

She reassures me constantly that I can do this!

An author whom I am also blessed to know told me about the Breathe Conference. At first I just laughed it off. Like really? Me? Really, truly write? Sure I could write in the therapy setting. But to write and actually let someone see it. Who was I trying to kid.

With all those connections, with all those supportive voices, I wrote. I submitted a blog to be considered for the Breathe Conference site. People heard me!

And that final connection between the writer and the reader is the biggest connection of all! That people who don’t know me, aren’t invested in who I am, read what I submitted. And in some cases, not only did they read it, THEY connected with it. How truly amazing is that!

The connections never go in a straight line. There are zig-zags, cross-overs, diagonals, and stars.

And most importantly to my heart, the God-line is in there everywhere. I watch the God line lead my life from therapy, to my author friend, to Breathe and to the reader.

Beth Sowles is a newbie writer from Michigan. She’s a reader, pianist, and a loyal friend. After years of reading other’s stories she’s ready to give voice to her own.


  1. Yay, Beth! We’re so glad you write. Thanks for being brave enough to put your thoughts to the page.

    Jessie Clemence

    July 7, 2017

  2. Love this Beth. I’m so glad you write.


    July 8, 2017

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