I met my piano teacher at Breathe by Michelle Alvarez

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We love hearing stories of how folks connect at the Breathe Conference. Michelle’s story is of a connection which spans the creative spectrum. Who have you connected with at Breathe? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear your story. 


As the years tick away, I begin to think about the things I wish I had done.  Learning to play the piano was one of them.

I wrestled back and forth whether it was a good idea to add something to my already busy list of “to do’s”, and there was this pesky thing of needing a piano to actually practice and play.  Not to mention, what if I wasn’t any good?  What if I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would?  

All those fears swirled in my mind.

It was my husband, the great encourager, that finally urged me to take that leap.  

I bought a digital piano, signed up for a six week lesson and that was it.  After the short introduction was over, I was hooked and began searching for a permanent teacher.

That is when I read a post on the Breathe blog and her bio at the end mentioned she taught piano.  That will be three years ago this coming October.  Not only had I found a teacher, but a good friend and writing confidant.

I don’t like to live with regrets and while there are some I can’t change, I am doing my best to move forward with this mindset, including not allowing fears and obstacles to seep into my writing life, the one thing I hold dear.  I know I am capable of pushing through it.  I mean who buys a piano and hopes for the best.  I guess I do.

Michelle lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and red lab Blaze.  She has currently finished a devotional to reach women who need healing from a past abortion.  Her website can be found at mlalvarez.com

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  1. Michelle, I love that you took the leap and chose to honor the nudges that were inviting you to the piano. As a result, another wonderful BREATHE connection was born because, through Denise, I got to meet you! When Denise chose to invite each of us to collaborate on The Breathing Space at this year’s conference, I knew instantly that a special opportunity had come my way. It was a given that I would love the conference and I knew I would enjoy sharing artful play-making with others, but I had no idea there would also be a friendship blossoming in the deal! My favorite part of this weekend was meeting you and getting to share in your beautiful, artful spirit while we hosted a special Creativity space for attendees. Here’s to saying ‘yes’ to all the ways we are called by Divine nudges.

    Katie Reitemeier

    October 12, 2017

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