This Writer Thinks of Home by Teresa Marita McGuire

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I walk alone in many aspects of my professional life, so when I align myself with a group, its members must possess at least what I bring to the table – a genuine commitment to service with a “business before pleasure” focus that achieves results and changes lives. 

Affiliation with a writing community is no different. I want to connect with a group of members with diverse backgrounds whose mission is to unite a broader community through writing events. I believe such a group could benefit from my eclectic writing style and commitment to public readings and publishing.

I crave a writing group to meet regularly, share ideas, critique poems and stories, plan events, and celebrate gifts to develop writers.  To satisfy my needs, I pinned community meeting dates on my calendar, then cancelled because the group description did not fit what I need as an independent author. I wandered into a poetry group thinking this is the place for me, and then eased out when I realized it was primarily slam poetry. 

What am I seeking in a writing community? I will find my place in a multicultural writing community that values writing as a gift from God. If that is emphasized, I believe the group will embrace writers as change agents, support conferences that celebrate various genres, schedule presenters to discuss both the craft and business aspects of writing, and maintain a genuine commitment to improving lives through writing events and publications. I still want to connect with a community that relates to writers whose first love is poetry, like mine. I long for a group that is passionate about writing, yet accepting of the fact that although I don’t write every single day I am a writer nonetheless; brainstorming ideas in my head is part of the process. 

Like Dorothy in The Wiz, I believe that I can go home. For now, I’m still looking for my writing community home. 

Independent author Teresa Marita McGuire was born to write.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from The University of Memphis and served as a media representative and academic counselor for her alma mater. Love and social justice are central themes of Teresa’s poetry.  She published My Soul Speaks Poems about Love.  Her poem, “Setting Sun,” was featured in Entropy magazine (2015).  Silver Birch Press (2016) published her poem, “Moving to Me.”

Teresa is a Tennessee girl living in Mississippi where she works as a school counselor and walks for fitness.

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