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When my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, she lost her ability to write.What keep me

Throughout her writing career, she had written one book and was in the midst of writing a second. She had published numerous articles and had an active blog. But through rehab and chemo and radiation and eventually, the regrowth of her tumors, it became too tiring for her to sit at the computer and write. She could no longer concentrate or organize her thoughts.

And then she was gone.

I’m left with photographs and memories and boxes and boxes of her writing – drafts and research and conference notes and book notes and personal letters and journals. My mother’s thoughts and experiences. Her voice. Her heart.

My mother is gone but I get to keep her heart.

I have realized what a gift this is – to be a writer – to be able to live on through our writing. When it’s my turn to go home to Jesus, I want there to be boxes and boxes of my writing for my loved ones to go through.

This is why I keep going; why I keep writing. To leave them my heart when it’s my time to go.

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Jenna Deckert is a professional counselor, amateur photographer, wife to a very kind man and mother to two wildhearts. You can find her writing her heart out on her blog at divinginbluewaters.blogspot.com.  



  1. What a beautiful piece of writing to share your heart and honor your mom.

    Sharron Carrns

    February 17, 2016

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